Monday, August 4, 2014

A little bit of what's been happening in my classroom....

Gotta Love Vinyl
My discipline Method

And more vinyl...

My owl hall passes

This is where my students will choose their lunch for the day

My insanely cute owl chalkboard....Thanks Mom!

I hung all these owls in the hallway, each with the name of one of my students written on them.
Today I organized all of my books by difficulty. It sure was a daunting task that took forEVER!

My kids have tables instead of desks so under the kiva, I created a "desk" for each of them to put their things.

 Why am I posting two random pieces of fabric do you ask? Well...this is my current dilemma. I decided that the valances in my classroom have got to GO so I am going to replace them. As of now, it looks like it is between these two. I know it's sad, but I just might lose sleep over this.

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